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Alstroemeria (六出花)


  • Genus of flowering plants in The Family Alstroemeriaceae

  • All native to South America in Peru

  • Commonly called Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas

  • Most species are in Central Chile and Eastern Brazil

  • The species in Chile are winter-growing plant

  • The species in Eastern Brazil are summer-growing plant

  • Alstroemeria Graminea, grown in Atacama Desert of Chile, is the unique one that is not a long-lived perennial

  • Some have become naturalized in U.S.A., Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Madeira and Canary Island

  • The Alstroemeria people commonly find in the flower shops today are hybrid from cross between Chile species with Eastern Brazil species which resulted into evergreen plant

Plant Care

  • Alstroemeria can be divide and multiply due to the tuberous roots it has; however, the plant doesn’t like its root to be disturbed often. It is suggested to divide the plant once per one or two years after it is well reestablished. (The flower will bloom again after the plant is well reestablished).

  • Alstroemeria plant is able to deal with drought and other stressful period better than most other plants do.

  • Full sun light

  • Well-drained pot and soil and don’t put too much water, prefer water after the plant gets dry

  • Likes consistent moisture, especially in flowering period.

  • Plant 60 cm apart each other

  • Mulch the root well over winter time.

  • The roots are hardy to a temperature of 23 °F (−5 °C)

Flower meanings

  • Friendship and devotion. (the reason why Alstroemeria means friendship and devotion is due to its leave is upside down and little curly, it looks like it is shaking hand)

  • Red and Pink Alstroemeria mean warmth and affection towards a friend

  • Orange Alstroemeria symbols “keeps you working toward your goal”

  • Yellow, white and Purple/Blue Alstroemeria are concern to a loved one who isn’t feeling well.

Other facts

  • Alstroemeria is poisonous to pets (both cut and plant flowers)

  • The juice from Alstroemeria can courses allergy to skin such as skin rash or irritation

  • Alstroemeria could also courses vomiting or diarrhea, so it is NOT AN GOOD IDEA to use as food decoration

  • The plant attracts birds

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