FTD® proudly presents the Better Homes and Gardens® Holiday Classics™ Centerpiece. Drawing from the rich traditions of holiday décor, this festive centerpiece is set to lend its seasonal beauty to your holiday celebrations. Bright red roses, carnations and mini carnations are arranged amongst an assortment of holiday greens, accented with natural pinecones, and a designer red and green striped ribbon. Encircling 2 red taper candles, this lovely centerpiece will bring warmth and Christmas charm to your holiday gatherings with each graceful bloom. GOOD centerpiece includes 8 stems. Approx. 6"H x 15"W. BETTER centerpiece includes 13 stems. Approx. 6"H x 17"W. BEST centerpiece includes 17 stems. Approx. 7"H x 18"W.

B15-4924 The FTD® Holiday Classics™ Centerpiece by Better Homes and Gardens®